Are you a cobbler looking for the right way to restore the original conditions of the soles of the famous Golden Goose sneakers? Here’s the solution for you.

After a careful research, we recreated the “fishbone” texture of these sought-after sneakers, which are known worldwide.
We named this sole “Fish”, specifically because of its fishbone pattern in running style. Today, this is the only recommended product to resole the Golden Goose shoes without compromising on the originality of this footwear.

The brand was founded over 20 years ago, in the Italian region of Veneto, and stands out for its proposal of sneakers with the typical “used” finish, which has managed to warm the hearts and to trigger the desires of many people around the world. We have evidence of this success every day, when cobblers from the US to Canada, from Japan to Ukraine request us this product.

The sole Fish comes without primer and is realized, as usual, in TPU, the most suitable material for its lightweight and its outstanding non-slip features. Finally, the Fish sole is 100% made in Italy quality branded Casali.

The sole is available in 3 colour options: Black, Beige and White. Furthermore, it is supplied without the Casali’s logo, to resole the shoe and to restore its original condition at the same time keeping the value of the Golden Goose brand unchanged.


Sole Fish
  • Package: 10 pairs
  • Sizes available: One size
  • Thickness: from 3,7 to 1,8 mm
  • Material: TPU MTL

If you want to know the best product to resole the Golden Goose sneakers, ask your trusted distributor for the soles Fish by Casali or contact us and we will indicate you your nearest distributor.

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