From the hands
of master shoemakers,
to the soles of the
best shoes.

We have been producing shoe accessories
since the 70s and we are a reliable
partner of the heel factories of the
tacchifici dei most renowned Italian shoe brands.

Henri Casali – CEO

The care and precision that distinguish all our products, in addition to our constant research focused on innovative materials, led us to the development of products dedicated to shoe repairing, with a special attention to heels, dowel lifts, soles, half soles and other accessories, which we distribute all over the world.

Our aim is to support master shoemakers, providing them with top quality products which facilitate the shoe repair and refresh the shoe aspect, thanks to the use of materials with excellent technical performances as well as high aesthetic features.

Our accessories are perfect for the repair of both luxury and hand-made shoes, where the repair work shall enhance the shoe aesthetic features at the same time avoiding the risk of ruining it.

Our business is a concrete example of how the Made in Italy brand has benefited from strong international growth.
Our products are the result of true Italian craftsmanship, be it during the manufacturing processes
or in the choice of materials, the perfect combination of innovation and tradition.