An ethical
and sustainable company

The research on increasingly cutting-edge, innovative and recyclable materials, represents only a part of our commitment towards environment protection.

For a long time now, in fact, we have been investing in renewable energies:
PV panels and a thermoelectric plant make our company almost completely independent and energetically sustainable..

All our products are 100% made in Italy, vengono testati accuratamente
and undergo careful tests in our laboratory;
we simulate women’s walk by means of specific machinery,
we check the presence of air bubbles using x-ray
equipments, all this to offer a top quality product.

For this reason, we work hard every day with only one goal offering the best accessories in the sector: from the design up to the product moulding the entire process is carried out in-house and is scrupulously monitored by our skilled technicians.

Every processing stage
from the design to the moulding is certified
according to UNI EN ISO 9001