The half-sole dresses in stars … we can quite clearly say it. Shiny, glossy, refined, our half-sole Mirror is enhanced by 4 new glitter colours: Glitter Gold, Glitter Bronze, Glitter Silver and Glitter Black.

The half-sole Mirror is the perfect product for the repairing of elegant and high-end shoes, since it breathes new life into the shoe thanks to its innovative design and glossy surface…

Easy to work with, it is supplied with primer or roughened and is used by cobblers around the world to repair the shoes of major luxury brands.

In addition to the 11 glossy colours, this new proposal in 4 stunning glitter shades is now available; they will perform magic during gala evenings!

As usual, the product is in TPU, the most suitable material for its lightweight and its outstanding non-slip features. Finally, it is 100% made in Italy quality branded Casali.


Half-Sole Mirror Glitter
  • Sizes available: 3-4-5

  • Thickness: 1,00mm – 1,30 mm

  • Material: TPU M

  • Package: 20-10 pairs

If you want to know the half-soles Mirror and check the new glitter colouring, ask your trusted distributor, or contact us and we will indicate you your nearest distributor.

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